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  • Brianna Wegrzyn

    Brianna started training in ballet and tap at the age of eight and within a few years was taking classes in jazz, modern, and contemporary as well. She enjoyed learning new styles of dance and in high school began studying multi-cultural dance forms such as Egyptian Belly Dance, Tribal dance, and African dance. She performed with a live drum and dance group for two years before moving to Normal, IL for college.

    Brianna attended Illinois State University for her Bachelor’s degree which is home to the Gamma Phi Circus, the oldest collegiate circus in the United States. Her love for dance was brought to new heights when exposed to the world of aerial dance. While attending college, she trained and performed silks, lyra hoop, and triple trapeze acts.

    After graduating Brianna continued to follow her passion for circus thorough teaching community circus classes for children and adults. She continued to teach as she earned her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an Emphasis on Autism. After completing her degree, she attended a month of intensive training with social worker and aerialist Carrie Heller on how to implement circus as a therapeutic tool for those with disabilities. She also attended Carrie Heller’s teacher training programs for beginner and intermediate silks.

    Brianna has recently relocated to Colorado from Illinois to work as a behavior analyst and is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach classes at Aerial Works. Her favorite part of teaching is motivating her students to develop strength, body awareness, technique, and confidence. Her goal is for every student to love learning and feel empowered by their accomplishments.

  • Heather Adams

    Heather has a background in gymnastics where she competed for 10 years. She has been training on aerial apparatuses since 2013. She loves sharing her love for aerial arts with students of all ages and fitness levels.

    Heather spent the last four years as an instructor at Cirque Indy in Indianapolis, IN. She is excited to bring that experience to AerialWorks and to continue to grow and learn from the other amazing instructors here.
  • Leah Watson

    Leah Watson | ie: @Greyce.Skinner

    Originally from Denver Colorado, Leah started acting, dancing, and creating as soon as she could walk. In the last decade she has had the opportunity to cultivate her artistic craft at Denver School of the Arts, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, The School at Steppenwolf, Denver Center of Performing Arts, and The University of Colorado.

    Her journey into aerial arts began in 2012, first with pole and most recently with low dance and static trapeze. While living in Los Angeles she had the great pleasure of training, teaching, and performing at The Choreography House under the instruction of Kelly Yvonne.

    Her favorite author is J.K Rowling, her favorite food is sushi, and her primary passion is storytelling.

  • Octavia Betz

    Once upon a time, there was a woman named Octavia. She had just moved to Colorado and was coming home from work each night falling asleep, she realized there must be more to life than work and sleep. She is also an artist and wanted to find an outlet for her creativity, where she did not have to worry about the price of a piece or where to store it, because there was no room in her apartment, and realized that she was her most creative when making with others. Octavia decided to try the “aerial test drive course.” At her first class, there was a magical fairy named Rebekah, who literally had to put her up on the trapeze (this is particularly funny when you know their size difference).

    Since she was a child Octavia had always wanted to fly and after one night of hoop and trapeze, she fell in love. After the first night of the test drive Octavia signed up as a member when the test drive was over the magic fairy asked if Octavia wanted to be in a beginning sling performance course (instructed by an equally powerful force Brianna), Octavia was a little scared but also really excited to do more. During that performance, she struggled to get stronger, but met other equally magical and fiercely supportive women and collaborated to tell a story (and later more stories with more equally magical and fierce people). Octavia found a community to tell a story that is loving, supportive, and she GOT STRONGER! Years passed...Her natural love of teaching quickly transformed in the ability and desire to take all her new-found knowledge and turn around and help kids navigate the magical land of aerial.
  • Rebekah Leach

    Rebekah Leach is an aerial dancer who is very passionate about creating aerial dance art, as well as teaching and promoting creativity in others. She has been teaching ever since she knew something to teach, and has been dancing ever since she could walk. Here's a small taste of the movement forms she has enjoyed studied at some point in her life: modern dance, ballet, tap, hip hop, breakdancing, yoga, ballet, Pilates, salsa, baton twirling, rhythmic gymnastics (specialty: ribbon), hula hooping, stunt-focused cheerleading, and even some pop 'n lock learned from street artists. Rebekah's unique movement background styles come together in a unique blend to influence the way in which she approaches the aerial arts.

    Rebekah brings over 13 years of aerial experience with her. She has written 11 books documenting the moves of fabric, aerial hoop, rope, aerial yoga and currently working on trapeze. She is a pioneer of the aerial industry, forming the website AerialDancing.com, which connects aerialists to training resources. Born to Fly Productions is her over-arching company that has done a variety of different productions including media, video editing, aerial photography, act creation, performances, and curriculum development for studios. This company was responsible for designing and developing a community-based teacher training program known as Born to Fly Teacher Training Programs & Support.

    Rebekah's manuals to date include Aerial Yoga Manual Volumes 1 & 2, Aerial Hoop Manual Volumes 1 & 2, Beginning Aerial Fabric Instructional Manual, Intermediate Aerial Fabric Instructional Manuals Part 1 & 2 and The Aerial Rope Manual Vol.1 & 2. Many more are in the works, as we like to say around here.
  • Sofia Rodriguez

    Sofia has been expressing herself through movement since she was five years old, beginning with the study of Ballet and Jazz in her hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. She moved to Austin, Texas at the age of 10, and her involvement in dance was slowly replaced by other responsibilities. It was not until she was working as a 4th-grade teacher that she turned back to dance as a pastime. That is when she discovered aerials and contortion. After several years of practicing as a hobby, she decided to leave teaching and become a professional performer.

    She spent the last two years as an instructor and manager at Aerial Horizon, a circus arts studio in San Antonio, imparting her knowledge and passion to others while training for performances. She has appeared in many competitions and shows, including the Aire Festival in Mexico, a rendition of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and numerous private events. Her husband’s acceptance to medical school has started her new life in Colorado. She is very excited to continue supporting growth and passion of the aerial arts in a new home studio!