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At AerialWorks, we are what our name suggests - all about creating aerial works! This includes everything to get you there, including but not limited to fitness classes that focus on building strength and flexibility, aerial yoga for focusing on empowering your mind-body connection, and skills classes to give you the pieces to take into a performance prep class and put them all together.

We welcome male and female, young and old. We hope you will come hang out with us!

Times are in Mountain Time (US & Canada)


STUDIO Classes

Kids Classes (Ages 8-12) Plans available from $255Purchase required to enroll

In our kids' classes, students are exposed to a variety of aerial apparatuses or they pick their favorite to specialize! Sling is the apparatus you get when you hang the aerial fabric in a loop. It's a great starting point to build aerial skills and strength and a crowd-favorite! Fabric is the same material, but hangs in two tails, all the way to the floor. Hoop is a circle of steel that is great for creating wonderful shapes within. Trapeze is a low-flying single-point dance trapeze that is another bar apparatus fun for students to explore.

Prerequisites: For our kids classes, all students must be at least 8 years or older. For some of our classes, they must be age 9.

Tweens, Teens, Adult Classes Plans available from $255Purchase required to enroll

These are great classes for older students who are interested in starting or continuing aerial. You will learn new skills, meet new friends, and build strength as a performing artist. Once gaining a solid skill set, students will be given the opportunity to work on a piece for Dec or May recitals.

Unless the apparatus is specified in the title of the class, we will work on a variety of apparatuses throughout each semester (trapeze, hoop, fabric and sling). You can also take classes that specialize in subsets or particular apparatuses to focus more on various aspects of aerial work.

Please email us to register and set up a class that will fit your needs.

Adult Aerial Classes From $25 per visit with 8 Class Punch Card (Adult Classes) passPurchase required to enroll

These are great classes to work on your aerial technique and eventually put together choreography. Work through progressions to get to the next level for each skill. Everyone works at their own pace. While we try to group students by Level, most classes end up being mixed level and everyone works according to where they are at.

Prerequisites: Beginners are always welcome in any classes labeled "beginning." A great group of supportive friends await you!

Intro Courses (6-Wks) $135Purchase required to enroll

This is a great way to learn the foundations of aerial in a small-group setting. In each course, you will get a great full-body workout as you learn skills on the aerial apparatus.

All of our apparatuses are adjustable to allow for a range of work. Skills are given in a progressive manner. You will be challenged according to your current strength-level.

Prerequisites: NONE! Come join us!

Performance Courses $195Purchase required to enroll

This is a great opportunity to be part of the most epic ending piece ever!
Must be okay to share a trapeze with a friend, family member, etc.

Prerequisite: Ideal to have at least 8 weeks of aerial experience. Must commit to the performance in the show at the end of the course on May 14th, 2021.

Open Gym $10 per classPurchase required to enroll

Great time to work on all the skills you have been working on! Must have taken at least 3 classes of aerial at AerialWorks before coming to open gym and feel like you are confident with the skills to practice on your own.

Must be age 18+ OR have a practicing aerial parent attending with you.

Visiting Professionals may attend open gym but please e-mail ahead of time to give us the heads up. Come say hi!

ONLINE & Outdoor Classes

Level 2 Sling Virtual Courses $155Purchase required to enroll

Rebekah is finishing up her next manual which covers the next level of sling. Learn some skills from the new manual by attending one of these courses.

Prerequisite: Level 2 students must be able to invert and have a large vocabulary already established on sling.
You must have access to a safely-rigged sling in order to practice the material from class. You must also have a safety-spotter nearby in case of emergency.

If you cannot be on your sling at the time of class, please feel free to attend and take notes regardless.
If you cannot attend the class live, the recording will be sent to you to review whenever you wish.

Level 2 Fabric Virtual Courses $165Purchase required to enroll

Rebekah will be using her Vol. 2 Fabric Manual as an outline for this course. Go through the book and learn all that it takes to master the material with the author!

Prerequisite: Level 2 students must be able to invert and have a large vocabulary already established on fabric. Students must already be familiar with skills such as crossback straddle, double catcher's, and thigh lock.
You must have access to a fabric in order to practice the material from class. You must have a safe set-up along with a spotter nearby who is present in case of emergency.

If you cannot attend at the time of class, you will be sent the video recording to review whenever you wish.


Private Lessons $85 per appointmentFrom $45 per visit with Semi-Private Lesson Pass passPurchase required to enroll

Private lessons are a great way to get individual attention. Private lessons must be pre-paid and booked in advance to help with scheduling. Private lessons are non-refundable but may be rescheduled. If you need to reschedule, please notify us at least 2 days in advance. Thank you.

To set up a time, please call or e-mail to double check availability.

Adult Drop-in Classes

Test-Drive Class - for ADULTS $19 per classPurchase required to enroll

A great way to get an introduction to what we're all about at AerialWorks. Come try out a class!

FREE for first-time guests who sign-up online. $19 otherwise.

Please make sure to wear leggings that cover the backs of your knees, a form-fitting athletic shirt that will remain in place when going upside-down,
bring a water bottle, and please arrive a little early to your first class to complete registration forms. Thank you!

Workshops, Shows, Photoshoots

Aerial Show $15 per classPurchase required to enroll

Due to COVID, our shows are now streamed online for friends & family to watch at home. The only guests allowed at the time of the show in the room is the performers and staff.

Purchase a ticket to this show in order to receive the link to watch the live show. Thank you so much for your support of our studio.

You may purchase a pass here OR at http://www.aerialworkscastlerock.com/store/p12/March_Mania_Fri_March_12th%2C_2021%E2%80%8B_6pm_%26_8...


Born to Fly Traincation 2021 -- DEPOSIT $225Purchase required to enroll

Calling all intermediate-advanced aerialists who want to stretch their minds and their bodies in creative ways!
Use this link to submit your deposit. Please note that the hours here DO NOT accurately reflect the hours of the traincation.

Born to Fly Summer Traincation -- Final Payment $200Purchase required to enroll

Use this button to complete your final payment by the first day of traincation. Thanks!