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Traincation is the last event in which we will use this pike13 system.
For more information about traincation, please visit: http://www.aerialworksco.com/traincation-2021.html
Then, come back here to pay your deposit or final payment.

Looking for Online Sling & Silks Courses?
For all future online classes, please go to: https://aerialworksco.punchpass.com/classes

Born to Fly Traincation 2021 -- DEPOSIT $225Purchase required to enroll

Calling all intermediate-advanced aerialists who want to stretch their minds and their bodies in creative ways!
Use this link to submit your deposit. Please note that the hours here DO NOT accurately reflect the hours of the traincation.

Born to Fly Summer Traincation -- Final Payment $200Purchase required to enroll

Use this button to complete your final payment by the first day of traincation. Thanks!