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Courses are a great way to get plugged in with a committed group of people. Our courses can be divided into three main categories, listed below.

INTRO COURSES (Typically 4-8 weeks)
An intro course is a great way to dive into aerial at our studio. Our 4-Week course is a different apparatus each week, and provides a wonderful overview of what we offer. In our 6 or 8-week courses, you can get introduced to a particular apparatus and see if it's something you would feel comfortable on.

After taking an intro course, we first recommend repeating it! Each session is different and will allow you to continue learning. Otherwise, consider signing up for our beginning drop-in skills classes. When you are ready for the next level, your teacher will recommend you. (Level 2 students must have clean inversions.)

SKILLS COURSES (Typically 8 weeks)
Focus your grow in a particular area through skills courses. We have these for almost every apparatus and level. If you are looking to perform beyond the beginning level, start looking at Level 2 skills courses as soon as your instructor recommends that you do so.

PERFORMANCE COURSES (Typically 8 weeks)
By practicing something over and over, setting it to music, learning all the transitions, and playing with it in creative ways, you can learn something very very well! Our shows occur every Oct, Dec, Mar and May. These are a great way to be a part of our aerial family here at AerialWorks. We value the community that is built around our family-friendly, professional shows.

Currently, our beginning adult performers meet on Mondays at 6:30- 7:40pm. We alternate the apparatus. All beginners are welcome. We recommend taking at least 4 classes of any intro class first and make sure that you have enough grip strength to hold your body weight for at least 10 seconds.

SOLO and DUET COACHING TIME AVAILABLE (16 weeks minimum required to perform)
If you are interested in performing a solo or duet, please let us know. We set aside time and coaching to help you perfect your vision.

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