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Adult Courses

Session Courses are a great way to get plugged in with a committed group of people. By committing to a course, you are committing to seeing yourself grow as an aerialist. It takes a least once/week for 4-6 weeks to see your body change. All the better if you can come more often! Commit to progress and growth by signing up for session courses. You can also get on a monthly plan and automatically be enrolled in these courses with our most dedicated regulars.

An intro course is a great way to dive into aerial at our studio. You can get introduced to a particular apparatus and see if it's something you would feel comfortable on. As soon as you feel comfortable and cozy, let an instructor know that you would like to join a performance course! Those courses are designed around interest, and are set to the needs of the group. When you are ready to transition into the performing track, we will help you find the best fit for your first or hundredth performance.

We believe that through choreography, you can learn skills. By practicing something over and over, setting it to music, learning all the transitions, and playing with it in creative ways, you can learn something very very well! Our shows occur every Oct, Dec, Mar and May. These are a great way to be a part of the aerial family here at AerialWorks. We value the community that is built around our family-friendly, professional shows. Not every course performs.

If you are interested in performing a solo or duet, please let us know. We set aside time and coaching to help you perfect your vision.

Intro-to-Aerial (4 Week Course) $75Purchase required to enroll

The perfect way to start your aerial journey. We work on a different apparatus each week: sling, fabric, trapeze and hoop, so you can get a taste for each flavor of aerial. Space is limited so make sure to sign up early!

Prerequisites: It doesn't take any strength to start aerial -- that's what we are here for, but you do have to be ready to work hard and ready to go upside-down! :)
Make sure to wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in, including leggings that covers the backs of your legs and a form-fitting shirt that will remain in-place when you flip around.

Beginning Sling Performance (8 Week Course) $160Purchase required to enroll

Sling can be the most versatile apparatus to perform on. It lends itself to a very dancy style and we take advantage by applying different dance styles each new session. Recently, we've been playing with combining various dance styles with the sling. Come find out what's next for sling class!

Prerequisite: Must have at least 4 weeks of aerial experience plus instructor approval. Must be available for the show at the end of the 8-weeks. (Always on a Friday night 6pm & 8pm).

Fabric Performance (8 Week Course) $195Purchase required to enroll

During the first half of each semester (first 8-weeks), we work on new skills, growing stronger and perfecting technique. During the second half of the semester (second 8-weeks), we work on choreography. This culminates in a performance in December and May.

Prerequisites: You must be a strong climber, able to invert and ready to work at a higher level on silks. If you miss the first 8-week session in a semester, you must take private lessons to catch up on missed skills in order to participate in the second 8-weeks (or test in, and show you already know the skills).

Trapeze Performance (9 Week Course) $195Purchase required to enroll

This is a great performance opportunity for people who have arrived at an intermediate level of trapeze. You must be available to perform in the show at the end of the session, always on a Friday night (6pm & 8pm).

Hoop Performance (8 Week Course) $185Purchase required to enroll

This is a great course for those who have arrived at an advanced level of hoop and would like to perform. For the Jan-Mar session, we will be continuing with the choreography from Dream Frohe. You must be available to perform on Friday, March 8th at 6pm & 8pm.

Rope Performance (8 Week Course) $175Purchase required to enroll

For intermediate-advanced rope students who are ready to perform! Join course with instructor approval.

Duet or Solo Performance $360Purchase required to enroll

A very special time to work on a piece uniquely designed for you! These slots fill fast, so let us know if you are interested in starting a solo or duet track. We require each piece to be in progress for a minimum of 6 months. This means either (1) you sign up for two 8-week sessions, or (2) you already have a piece done, you audition it and sign up for one 8-week session in order to perfect your piece with one of our coaches. Some of our solos go to competitions around the country -- let us know if you are interested in this and we will connect you in the right time slot.

We expect all solo/duet performers to be at a high level of work, you must have experience on their apparatus of choice, and continue to take regular classes outside of your solo/duet coaching time.

Bleed Out: Aerial Open Stage $12Purchase required to enroll

Let your emotions out! Put your soul into your dance! Feel your music! Connect with the audience!