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Kids & Youth

Aerial classes make a great extra-curricular activity for kids! In class, students will build strength, flexibility, stamina, and have a blast while doing it. Aerial classes are good for any child, regardless of fitness level or background. We care about the safety of your child and take the utmost care in teaching aerial skills to young ones. Our training program starts kids low to the ground. As each child demonstrates maturity and strength, they are allowed to take skills higher into the air.

About Our Youth Program:
We accept students on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Classes are open until filled. Your child is welcome to try a class at the price of $12.50 by entering the coupon code TRYACLASS at checkout. Your child can try as many different classes as you'd like, provided that they meet the prerequisites (including age group). If you wish to enroll, you then must pick the class you would like to commit to. Students can come once per week, or multiple times each week, learning different apparatuses, such as Sling one day and Trapeze/Hoop on another day. The more you come, the stronger you get! Tuition is based on how many classes/week that you take.

Depending on the class, you may have a performance in our December Youth Recital or our May Youth Recital, which are held at our studio. We ask that each student commits to their class through the end of each semester to allow for consistent programming. We do not have after-school classes in June or July.

What to wear:
Wear snug-fitting clothing that cover the backs of your knees and midriff. Leggings and snug-fitting top are perfect for aerial. Students will likely be going upside down, so make sure everything is tucked safely into place. Bring water. Remove jewelry prior to class. Thanks!

Kids Classes (Ages 8-12) $25 per classPlans available from $89Purchase required to enroll

Our mixed apparatus class is great for beginners as well, as students get to work on a variety of apparatuses throughout each semester. Sling is the apparatus you get when you hang the aerial fabric in a loop. It's a great starting point to build aerial skills and strength and a crowd-favorite! Fabric is the same material, but hangs in two tails, all the way to the floor. We recommend fabric to those who are ready to climb.

We accept new students in Aug-Nov and Jan-March.
Prerequisites: No aerial experience required. Students must be age 8+.

Teens & Tweens Aerial $25 per classPlans available from $89Purchase required to enroll

This is a great class for older students who are interested in starting aerial. You will learn new skills, meet new friends, and build strength as a performing artist. Once gaining a solid skill set, students will be given the opportunity to work on a piece for Dec or May recitals.

Unless the apparatus is specified in the title of the class, we will work on a variety of apparatuses throughout each semester (trapeze, hoop, fabric and sling). You can also take classes that specialize in subsets or particular apparatuses to focus more on various aspects of aerial work.

Prerequisites: No prior experience needed. All tweens, teens, and adults (Ages 11-adult) are welcome to join this fun group!

Level 2+ Youth Classes $25 per classPlans available from $89Purchase required to enroll

For our more advanced students, these are great classes to hone technique and learn new skills. Students will work on putting together a polished piece for the May recital.

Prerequisites: Students must have prior aerial experience, be at a Level 2 (clean inversions), and be taking a minimum of 2 classes/week on a regular basis.

Sling Performance (Ages 11+) $25 per classPlans available from $89Purchase required to enroll

Perfect class to move up to after having at least one year of sling already under your belt. In this class, students will hone their technique of higher level skills, transitions and finding the flow in their sling vocabulary. Students will perform their finished pieces at our recitals in Dec & May.

Prerequisites: Must be age 11+ and have a minimum of one year of sling.

Youth Recital $5 per classFrom $17 per visit with 20 Class Punch Card passPurchase required to enroll

Come see what our students have been working on.
The recital is Free for students (included in price of monthly tuition).
For friends & family to attend, the cost is $5 in advance or $10 at the door. Purchase tickets at the front desk. Thank you.

Test-Drive Class for KIDS & TEENS 1 visit free

A great way to get an introduction to what we're all about at AerialWorks. We hold these classes about once a month for new students.

FREE for first-time guests who sign-up online. $15 otherwise.

Please make sure to wear leggings that cover the backs of your knees, a form-fitting athletic shirt that will remain in place when going upside-down,
bring a water bottle,
and please arrive a little early to your first class to complete registration forms. Thank you!